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I can’t wait for you to throw another party! You are such a natural at cooking Malaysian food and adding that special royal touch. Until next time.

Your friend,
Seleine Tan


Not only did we have a lovely time at your home the other day your authentic Malaysian curries and Raya goodies were delicious. The buffet table was constantly being replenished, can’t wait to return for more of your wonderful royal recipes.

Thanks again for a wonderful event!
Datin Rohani


Your Open House was absolutely wonderful. The food was delicious and almost gone by the end of the day. Your Malaysian rendang was my favourite, please give me the recipe.

Thanks for a wonderful day,
Your friend,
Amy Tan


King of 30 min. Cooking

This is the old Sri Menanti Palace, my husband's family ancestral palace, the former Royal residence was contructed without nails and screws.

My husbands family line belongs to DYAM Tunaku Besar Burhanuddin born 1878 (my husband's grandfather). The title Duli Yang Amat Mulia Tunku Besar refers to the deputy of the ruler of Sri Menanti, Negri Sembilan and refers to the one who usually acts as regent during the rulers absence.

DYAM Tunku Besar Burhanuddin was the second son of the ruler DYMM Tuanku Antah of Negri Sembilan and was brought up in the serene and peaceful surroundings of the old palace at Sri Menanti.

The old Palace is a 5 storey high building made from wood from the forest in Negri Sembilan and designed by local craftsmen Tukang Kahar and Tukang Taib. The Palace was completed in 1905 with the main pillars reaching 21 meters high.

In 1926 the old palace was used for the homage ceremony attended by the British High Commissioner, Lawrence Guilemard.

This is the new palace which was completed  in 1931.


The family behind Malaysian Royal Recipes

A more formally dressed up family picture (taken in November 1994) (in malaysian dress) taken with my in laws (sitting) before their demise in 1995 (father-in-law 81 years old) and 2008 (mother -in–law 92 years old) respectively.
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